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Casinos in Cork

Casinos in Cork

Updated: 24.05.2024

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland and one of the favorite tourist destinations. Cork is know for its traditional Irish pubs; however, Cork owns one of the biggest gambling communities and oldest gambling points in Ireland. There are about 15 casinos in Cork to choose from and this article covers everything you need to know before choosing your casino in Cork!

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Best Casinos in Cork

▶️ Best Casino in CorkMacau Sporting Club
▶️ Best Casino for Card GamesGold Rush Casino
▶️ Best Private Club in CorkThe Bank Casino
▶️ Best Game Machine SelectionVictoria Casino
▶️ Best Casino StaffLeeside Leisure
▶️ Best Casino GamesLiberty Arcade and Casino
▶️ Best Casino for RoulettePier Leisure Casino

Macau Sporting Club

Macau Sporting Club

The Macau Sporting Club is part of the larger Macau Casino Complex and offers not only an app and online gambling platform but also a land-based establishment. Their land-based venue offers a 6,000 sq. ft. gaming floor filled with slots and a restaurant.

They have dedicated poker rooms covering 4,500 sq. ft., with access to all your other favourite table games as well. Players can enjoy their nightly cash games and regular tournaments on the Poker Room’s main floor. Clients can also rent sections of the venue for their corporate, social and group events.

🎲 Casino NameMacau Sporting Club
➡️ Address16 St Patrick’s St, Centre, Cork, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 2 pm – 6 am
📱 Telephone Number+353 21 453 0477

Gold Rush Casino 3 MacCurtain

Gold Rush Casino 3 MacCurtain

The Gold Rush Casino brand has over 15 venues scattered across Ireland, offering many of your favourite progressive and stand-alone jackpot and slot machines. Players can also enjoy a vast selection of roulette, poker machines, free bingo and spin wheel games.

Gold Rush has a comfortable atmosphere, and players can become part of their VIP Club. VIP members enjoy more benefits, and there are frequent events and promotions offered at this casino. They’ve also recently released an app for players, and this venue is open 24 hours on all days of the week.

🎲 Casino NameGold Rush Casino
➡️ Address3 MacCurtain Street, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 RR99, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 24/7
📱 Telephone Number+353 21 455 8869

Gold Rush Casino 21 Academy St.

Gold Rush Casino 21 Academy

With more than 15 venues across Ireland, the Gold Rush Casino offers many of your favourite slot machines and progressive jackpot games. Players can enjoy a vast selection of poker machines and roulette, with free bingo and spin wheel games also available.

Gold Rush offers an app where players can access the VIP area, get updates on the latest promotions and daily vouchers. VIP members will receive different offers depending on their level – blue, gold, or black. Don’t forget to allow for push notifications for a great experience. The app can be downloaded from the Gold Rush Casino website.

🎲 Casino NameGold Rush Casino
➡️ Address21 Academy St, Centre, Cork, T12 CV02, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 9 am – 12 am
📱 Telephone Number+353 21 427 4638

Gold Rush Casino 53 Cornmarket St

Gold Rush Casino, Cornmarket

This Gold Rush in 53 Cornmarket is one of the 15 branches this brand has in Ireland. They offer a vast selection of roulette and poker machines, with free bingo and spin wheel games recently added to their offering. Players can also enjoy classic, modern progressive and stand-alone jackpot games and many popular slot machines.

Members of the VIP Club enjoy extra privileges at all branches of Gold Rush Casinos. The operator offers regular events and promotions to regular players and VIP members. They’ve also released an app for players that makes it easier to stay in contact with the current news on the brand.

🎲 Casino NameGold Rush Casino
➡️ Address53 Cornmarket St, Centre, Cork, T12 TDC2, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 9 am – 1 am
📱 Telephone Number +353 21 480 6484

Gold Rush Casino Bridewell Ln

Gold Rush Casino Bridewell

There’s scanty information about Gold Rush Casino, and we couldn’t come across its website. However, we captured a glimpse of what it offers from reviews on its Google business page.

According to one customer, this casino is small but a nice place to have fun. Another customer pointed out the casino’s wide selection of video games, roulette, and slot machines. This means that players have a great time playing their favourite games.

One of the things that stands out about Gold Rush Casino, according to reviews on Google, is its exceptional customer service and excellent earning potential.

🎲 Casino NameGold Rush Casino
➡️ AddressBridewell Ln, Castlelands, Mallow, Co. Cork, P51 EH1K, Ireland
🏢 Operating Hours11:00 – 00:00
📱 Telephone Number+ 353 22 20165

The Bank Casino

The Banks Casino is one of the leading private member card clubs in Cork and offers members access to state-of-the-art facilities. Renovated in 2009, the venue offers poker tables, with other favourites like blackjack and roulette also available.

The venue also caters for private functions and offers regular tournaments and exclusive member benefits. Members can enjoy cash games, Texas Hold’em and Omaha tournaments in this intimate setting, with no need for the overwhelming atmosphere of big casinos. They offer around 10 poker tables in their spacious poker room, with roulette and blackjack available to a lesser degree.

🎲 Casino NameThe Bank Casino
➡️ AddressClarkes Bridge House, Centre, Cork, T12 DW98, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 10 pm – 7 am
📱 Telephone Number/E-mailcontact@thebankcasino.com

Victoria Casino

Victoria Casino

Victoria Casino is part of the Vantage Club brand, offering three different free Vantage Club Membership Cards that can be used in seven other locations and casinos. This establishment offers complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi to all players and has over 200 game machines on its premises.

They also offer members daily draws, promotions and spot prizes at this venue, making it a fun and exciting establishment. Players can enjoy a wide variety of slots, roulette and arcade games, with stand-alone and progressive jackpots also available. Each game has dedicated seating, and you can easily exchange your cash for coins in the casino.

🎲 Casino NameVictoria Casino
➡️ Address5 St Patrick’s Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 XV52, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 10 am – 3 am
📱 Telephone Number+353 21 450 3344

Leeside Leisure 11 N Main St

Leeside Leisure 11 N Main St

Leeside Leisure is part of the Premier Casinos brand, which is a family-run brand. They offer between 50 to 70 game machines at their venue, with 90% of their machines having dedicated seating. Players can enjoy games like slots, roulette and video games, with access to dedicated staff on the premises.

The casino’s central location on North Main Street offers players easy access to nearby restaurants, ATMs, taxis and more. Players don’t need to be a member to use these facilities. Still, players who register as members get a €10 free bet they can use in any Premier Casino location, including Leeside Leisure.

🎲 Casino NameLeeside Leisure
➡️ Address11 N Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 T1HE, Ireland
🏢 Operating HoursOpen 9:30 am – 1 am
📱 Telephone Number+353 21 427 1784

Leeside Leisure/Playtime 1-2 Winthorpe Street

Leeside Leisure/Playtime 1-2 Winthorpe Street

Leeside Leisure is part of Premier Casinos Group’s chain of seven casinos in six locations. This is where the group’s chain began in the 1970s. The casino sets the standard for the group’s other properties throughout Ireland.

This casino has two stories that accommodate 50 to 70 machines, with 90% having dedicated seating. Slots are at the core of Premier Casinos, and the company invested in machines, including those with unique features and mega bonus rounds.

The ground floor of the casino houses roulette machines and high-end video games. Complimentary refreshments for customers are also available on this floor.

🎲 Casino NameLeeside Leisure/Playtime
➡️ Address1-2 Winthorpe Street, Cork, T12 H2TP
🏢 Operating Hours09:30 – 02:00
📱 Telephone Number021-4278838

JayKay Leisure

JayKay Leisure

JayKay Leisure is part of Premier Casinos Group’s seven casinos. This one is located in Ballincollig with easy access to various restaurants, a cinema, food outlets, and enough parking.

Like other Premier Casinos, slots dominate at this casino, with about 50 machines for everyone to spend their time. The casino offers highly professional service in an attractive and customer-focused environment.

The family-run casino is backed with expert knowledge and focuses on offering the best games in the market. This casino provides complimentary refreshments to customers in a calm and relaxed environment.

🎲 Casino NameJayKay Leisure
➡️ AddressUnit 11, Tús Abhaile, Time Square, Ballincollig, Co Cork. P31 CD52
🏢 Operating Hours10:00-02:00
📱 Telephone Number021-4826867

Liberty Arcade and Casino 8 Pearse Square

Liberty Arcade and Casino 8 Pearse Square

Liberty Casino is the place to be when looking to place bets while also enjoying Cork’s rich history. Launched in Cobn in 1929, this casino holds some tales. The franchise established its largest outlet in 2011 and made a name out of its Middleton outlets.

Players who visit this casino can look forward to various fun activities, including arcade games and gambling. Liberty Arcade’s casino lobby has over 100 slot machines with multiple table games. The games centre also has restaurants and bars.

Another feature that makes Liberty Casino stand out is the availability of child-friendly activities.

🎲 Casino NameLiberty Arcade and Casino
➡️ Address8 Pearse Square, Kilgarvan, Cobh, Co. Cork, P24 A526, Ireland
🏢 Operating Hours24/7
📱 Telephone NumberN/A

Liberty Arcade and Casino Market Green Retail Park

Liberty Arcade and Casino Market Green

Liberty Arcade and Casino is part of the Liberty Casino Group’s outlets in Cork. It’s an excellent place for someone looking to kill some time while potentially making some cash in Cork.

The clean and friendly casino offers immense entertainment, including child-friendly games. People who enjoy arcade games can expect to find popular classics, although the casino dominates.

The casino is situated at the back of the arcade for people who prefer to gamble in private. Apart from the casino’s pleasant environment, the staff are very helpful to customers to ensure they have a great experience at the establishment.

🎲 Casino NameLiberty Arcade and Casino
➡️ AddressMarket Green Retail Park, Townparks, Midleton, Co. Cork, Ireland
🏢 Operating Hours10:00 – 01:00 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 10:00 – 00:00)
📱 Telephone Number+ 353 21 463 6938

Pier Leisure Casino

Pier Leisure Casino

Pier Leisure Casino is another franchise of Premier Casinos Group. This casino opened its doors to the public in 2015. Locals prefer to call it Per Leisure. The casino is on the waterfront in the centre of Kinsale.

Like other Premier Casinos’ outlets, players can expect various slot games, roulette, and jackpots. All customers to Pier Leisure Casino receive complimentary refreshments in a comfortable environment.

The casino complex is directly opposite public parking with easy access to various public transport options. Additionally, customers can easily walk to restaurants, shops, tourist information centres, and other local amenities to and from the casino.

🎲 Casino NamePier Leisure Casino
➡️ AddressPier Road, Kinsale, Co Cork, P17 FW32
🏢 Operating Hours10:00-02:00
📱 Telephone Number021-4772101

Facts About Cork Casinos

  • The first casino in Cork was opened in the late 1990s.
  • The Macau Sporting Club is the largest casino in Cork, with over 50 gaming tables and over 200 slot machines.
  • The Paddy Power Casino offers a more intimate gaming experience, with only 15 gaming tables and over 50 slot machines.
  • The Macau Sporting Club is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Paddy Power Casino is open from 10am to 6am, 7 days a week.

The article complies with all editorial principles of Casinoireland.com. In case of inaccurate information, please contact the Casinoireland.com editorial team.

Cork Casinos in Numbers

  • There are currently 8 casinos in Cork, Ireland.
  • The average casino in Cork has over 200 slot machines.
  • The average casino in Cork has over 20 gaming tables.
  • The total number of slot machines in all 8 casinos in Cork is estimated to be over 1,600.
  • The total number of gaming tables in all 8 casinos in Cork is estimated to be over 160.
  • The total annual revenue generated by the 8 casinos in Cork is estimated to be over €50 million.
  • The total number of employees working in the 8 casinos in Cork is estimated to be over 1,000.
  • The average casino in Cork has an estimated annual revenue of €6.25 million.
  • The average casino in Cork has an estimated occupancy rate of 80%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of casinos in Cork?

The history of casinos in Cork dates back to the late 19th century. In 1883, the first casino in the city opened its doors. It was called the Cork Casino Club and was located in the city centre. The club was a private members-only club and was open to the public. It was a very popular destination for locals and visitors alike and was known for its luxurious atmosphere and excellent gaming options.

What are the most popular casinos in Cork?

Paddy Power Casino: Located in the heart of Cork city, Paddy Power Casino is one of the most popular casinos in the area. It offers a wide range of gaming options, including slots, table games, and live dealer games. It also has a sportsbook and a poker room.

What impact have casinos in Cork had on the local economy?

The impact of casinos in Cork, Ireland on the local economy has been significant and far-reaching. Casinos have been a major source of employment, investment, and tourism in the region, and have helped to create a vibrant and diverse economy.

What are the most popular games in Cork casinos?

Roulette is a classic casino game that is popular in Cork. Players can bet on a variety of numbers and colors, and the wheel is spun to determine the outcome.

What are the benefits of casinos in Cork?

The benefits of casinos in Cork are numerous and far-reaching. First and foremost, casinos bring an influx of revenue to the city. Casinos attract tourists from all over the world, who come to experience the unique atmosphere of a casino. This influx of tourists brings money into the local economy, which is beneficial for businesses and the city as a whole.

Casinos also create jobs. Casinos require a large staff to operate, from security to dealers to wait staff.

What are the most common complaints about casinos in Cork?

The most common complaints about casinos in Cork are related to the quality of customer service, the lack of variety in games, and the high cost of playing.

Customer service is often cited as one of the biggest issues with casinos in Cork. Many customers complain that the staff are often unhelpful and unprofessional, and that they are not willing to go out of their way to help.

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