Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling

Welcome to Casino Ireland. In this section. You're going to discover our commitment to responsible gaming. It is a fact that gaming might negatively affect you if you don't do it responsibly. In this section, you're going to discover what is responsible gaming.

Extent Of The Gambling Problem In Ireland

A study by Irish Central discovered that 74.5 percent got into financial problems because of gambling. And about 0.24% of the Irish population is facing problems with gambling. We’re going to highlight our commitment to ensuring the highest quality standards to give players a safe experience, its benefits, and how Casino Ireland contributes to responsible gaming. Additionally, you’re going to discover some of the dangers of gambling addiction, including some frequently asked questions.

Meaning Of Responsible Gambling In Ireland

Importance of Responsible Gambling in Ireland

Responsible gambling is a commitment by Casino Ireland to encourage players to only gamble for entertainment and fun. This is very important since gambling risks become problematic when you use it as a source of income or gamble for more than you can afford.

Our responsible gaming program emphasizes the prevention of problematic gambling. We aim to protect our customer base from problems associated with lousy gambling behaviours.

Importance Of Responsible Gaming

At Casino Ireland, we leave no stone unturned when promoting responsible gaming. Some of the core values of responsible gaming include:

Protection of Minors From Gambling 

One of the essential purposes of responsible gaming is to prevent minors from gambling. The minimum gambling age in Ireland is 18 years. So, anyone below that age is not legally free to engage in gambling activities.

It is our responsibility to enforce this with our responsible gaming practices. Some popular ways for online gambling sites to prevent underage gaming include asking visitors to accept that they are above 18, asking people to produce their ID, or filling in their date of birth.

Safety Of Player’s Confidential Information

Players have to sign up and create an account to play games online for real money. It is verified before the new account becomes active. This requires the player to fill in personal information, including photo ID, bank detail, and proof of address.

Betting websites are responsible for keeping the private information of their customers safe. This is enforced by the General Data Protection Regulation across the European Union.

Protection Of Vulnerable Gamblers

Some people who gamble end up becoming vulnerable. This includes players who are more likely to become addicted to the habit. It usually happens to people having mental issues, including anxiety and depression.

These people may resort to gambling to escape from their problems in real life. Ironically they only end up making their problems worse. Some of the strategies we apply to protect vulnerable gamblers from developing addictive behaviour include blocks and time-outs.

Maintaining Secure Payments

Betting websites must ensure secure payments when players are wagering. This requires offering trusted payment gateways for making deposits and withdrawals. The casinos we recommend use secure payment options, including Paypal, Maestro, bank transfer, Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and Mastercard.

Encouraging Ethical Marketing 

Gaming companies should practice ethical marketing as part of responsible gaming. This requires not to target anyone vulnerable. Additionally, companies have to warn people about the potential dangers of gambling.

How We Promote Responsible Gambling In Ireland

Online casinos are responsible for protecting players from any risks associated with gambling.

Some of the ways to encourage responsible gaming include: 

  • Players need a chance for self-exclusion while on the betting site
  • An online casino should limit access to gamers’ spending
  • Players should receive activity alerts for their gambling activity for a particular period
  • The casino should have a limit on the minimum limit to deposit
  • Players should have an option to block themselves from a casino at a particular moment

Sticking to such guidelines gives players a chance to gamble responsibly in the best way for them.

Dangers of Gambling Addiction

Problem players are gamblers who invest a lot of time and money gambling. These become gambling addicts who face a hard time stopping the habit. Some gamblers can get over this problem, although it’s not easy for others who go into compulsive gambling.

This exceeds spending more money than you can afford and more time gambling. Compulsive gaming is an addictive disorder where someone fails to stop the habit. Ignoring to get help may make the problem worsen over time. The feeling of participating in a betting session might have a similar effect to that of a tranquillizer or stimulant.

It has a significant impact on an addicted gambler’s mood. When this feeling wears off, you’re likely to end up with dire consequences, including losing valuable time and time you would have invested in productive activity.

Player Tools For Responsible Gambling

Some tools are available for players to regulate their gambling habits. These tools are for establishing limits and for tracking their betting. Let’s go through these below, including how they work.

Deposit Limit

This allows players to limit how much they may deposit in their betting accounts. You can set a daily, weekly or monthly. The limit prohibits you from depositing more money on reaching the limit in a given period. Setting a deposit limit saves you from taking more than you can afford. This is a good measure when you feel that you’re spending a lot on betting.

Loss Limit

The loss limit is how much you may lose daily, weekly, or monthly. A loss limit prevents staking more money after surpassing your limit in a particular period. This saves you from losing a lot while gambling. Setting a loss limit is strongly recommended when feeling like you’re losing more than you can afford.

Session Limit

Before betting during a betting session, this limit determines how long the session is to last. You are automatically logged out of the betting account when this time expires. And, you can’t log back until a given period elapses.

A session limit allows sticking to a given period for all your gambling sessions. This prevents you from spending too much time gambling and ignoring essential commitments.

Wagering Limit

A wagering limit controls the amount for each stake daily, weekly, or monthly. After the wagering limit elapses, you can’t place more bets. You can only bet again after a particular period elapses to reset the limit. Setting a wagering limit is strongly recommended when having trouble knowing when to stop gambling.

Self Exclusion Tool

If you believe that your gambling is getting out of hand, the rule of thumb is to take a break. This is where the self-exclusion tool is essential. You may close your betting account temporarily or permanently using this tool. When the exclusion tool is active, you can’t log into the account or bet.

Transaction History

Sometimes you may want to know your betting history. A transaction history feature comes in handy. This offers a detailed summary of all transactions in your betting account. The information may include deposits, withdrawals, pending bets, results, and bets. Access to your transaction history allows tracking your gambling activity. It prevents you from getting carried away.

Frequently Asked Question

What organizations are working with responsible gambling in Ireland?

Some organizations that work with responsible gaming in Ireland include Be Gamble Aware, Problem Gambling, Helplink, and Gamblers Anonymous.

How to make sure I'm playing responsibly?

To gamble responsibly requires taking breaks from gambling where necessary. It also involves refraining from betting more you can afford. You also have to set limits regarding your betting time and amount to bet.

How to set limits in an online casino?

Trustworthy online casinos offer inbuilt tools for players to set betting and time limits directly on the site. An online casino should allow players to limit their sessions. This may be by allowing exclusion from playing for a particular period. This may be some hours or a few days.

Additionally, you can limit your gaming session by setting reminders. These should let you know your time during your gambling session. This allows choosing whether to stop or to continue playing. You can also limit your gambling session by setting a deposit limit. This may be daily, weekly, or monthly.

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