Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. By Website, We mean https://casinoireland.com/
  2. By User, We mean You
  3. By the Agreement, We mean the entirety of the terms described on the page. 

You are free to use and access this Website according to the terms described in the “Agreement”. When browsing this Website, you automatically agree with the rules laid by the Agreement. We strongly recommend everyone to read the Agreement thoroughly since the use of this Website for any purpose implies compliance with it.

Please, leave this Website if you disagree with any of the terms laid by the Agreement. The non-acceptance of the entirety of the Terms & Conditions means that you will not be authorised to navigate on this Website or use it in any way.

We have the right to make amendments, changes and other modifications to the Agreement. We also have the right of doing so without consultation or notification. Nevertheless, continuing to use this Website after changes in the Agreement implies that the new terms were also accepted. Accepting and complying with the Agreement is the sole mandatory condition for using this Website.

You Agree With

  • All content found on this Website can only be used as informational means. This Website is not responsible for any possible outcome of actions taken based on the information you read here, including our email content.
  • We do not operate any mobile, online or land-based gambling platform. So, we do not take part in any financial transactions or facilitate any gambling-related activity.
  • This Website should never be used for any illegal purposes, and you must agree to use it according to your local laws. You will also be protected from damages, losses, claims, costs, expenses, and liabilities claimed by any third party.
  • You automatically agree with not uploading or transmitting viruses or any kind of malicious software that could damage, interfere, or interrupt computers, mobile devices, or networks.
  • You are not authorised to create or publish any hypertext link to any component of this Website, nor to access restricted components and other parts of this Website.
  • You are not authorised to upload, post, or publicise any offensive content on this Website.
  • Such content will be summarily deleted without any explanation or notification. We will consider offensive any content that is: (i) illegal, threatening, harmful, harassing, abusive, insulting, defamatory, vulgar, tortious, pornographic or obscene, hateful ethnically or racially, or in any way objectionable; (ii) breaches proprietary rights, intellectual property of any entity or person, contains hidden or restricted content, breaches any law, ordinance, regulation, Agreement or statute; (iii) defamatory or malicious towards this Website, its partners and users, in any way.
  • We cannot guarantee that this Website will be free of errors and defects or is immune to interruptions. All content here is provided according to the current availability. Moreover, any actions taken based on the content published here are under your full responsibility and discretion. If you feel unsatisfied with this Website, we recommend you stop using it immediately. We cannot be held accountable for any lost profits or punitive damages, nor can we be liable for any compensation.
  • We will provide several links to other online resources as means to increase value to the users of this Website. Be advised that we cannot be responsible for the eventual unavailability of the sources provided here. Additionally, we cannot be held accountable or liable in any way for any malpractice of such sources. These malpractices can include defamatory content, misinterpretations, or any other resources found there. Likewise, we also cannot be held responsible for any offence or damage caused to users by any content or practice on such websites.
  • We guarantee that every advertiser on our Website follows the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act 2014 in full. Read the primary objectives below.
  • Ensure that gambling will not cause disorder or become a source of crime, become associated with disorder or crime, or support any criminal activity;
  • Ensure transparent practices concerning gambling, prevent underage gambling, and any predatory practices against vulnerable users;
  • The licensing objectives stated above will always be taken into consideration. Additionally, we will always act in concordance with such licensing objectives.
  • Be advised that when you submit any content via email or post anything on this Website, you automatically agree with conceding the rights of: (a) reproduce, use, adapt, modify, translate, publish, distribute, create related works, and public display of such content; and (b) use the same name you used in the occasion of the submission. Such rights are royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, and sub-licensable. Additionally, be advised that this Website is free to mention you in your reviews and comments as we see fit.
  • This Website cannot be held accountable for occasional misinformation, implied or expressed. Nevertheless, we reaffirm our commitment to bringing error-free and valuable content to our users.
  • This Website does not guarantee the accuracy of any information found on third-party websites that are linked to our Website.
  • All materials and referred links on this Website must be used at your own responsibility and discretion.
  • This Website cannot be held responsible for any lost profits or damage caused by any material provided here in any way.
  • This Website does not operate any sort of real-money gambling. Ireland’s residents are welcome to register for free on our Website and try free casino games with one of our business partners. Yet, we do not operate any game for real money.
  • It is under the user’s responsibility to check local laws related to gambling, meet the minimum age requirement for gambling and read our content. It’s also under the user’s responsibility to follow the laws in their place of residence, be it on a national or provincial level.
  • All content published on this Website is protected by copyright. Unauthorised distribution, publication, or duplication of such materials incur in violation of trademark and copyright laws. The content protected by copyrights includes images, graphics, photographs, pictures, artwork, functional components, audio, videos, music, animations, texts, documentation, and software concepts.
  • This Website uses cookies to provide the best possible experience to its users. For this reason, this Website may access some cookies on your computer with the sole purpose of improving the user experience.
  • This Website bases its cookies policy on current EU regulations.

We Agree With

  • You have the right to ask where and how we use your personal data and also ask for a copy of such data.
  • You have the right to make amendments to your personal data and ask to delete it if you see fit.
  • You can object to the use this Website makes of your personal data, be it username or any profile-related information.
  • You have the right to have your identity-preserved from other users and third parties upon request.
  • You have the right to report any infringement of the above rules. You also have the right to be preserved against any offensive behaviour, as this Website is committed to suppressing any offensive interaction between users or between users and this Website or third parties, banning any offensive user.
  • This Website has a dispute mediation department dedicated to acknowledging and responding to eventual complaints from Users regarding this platform or any other Used found infringing any of the rules described above.
  • This Website reserves the right of ceasing or refusing to mediate any dispute or complaint. In the case of a vexatious or frivolous complaint or insufficiently backed up claims, the complaint will be considered null, and the case will be closed.
  • You have the right to disable or enable our cookies at your discretion. Should you choose to delete your cookies, be advised that saved information will also be erased, and you will have to insert your details and preferences each time. Please, read our Cookies Policy for more information on this issue.

Final Considerations

In accordance with the present Terms & Conditions, the user fully accepts the rights and responsibilities detailed here. Additionally, the user accepts any eventual restrictions imposed by this Website upon them, based on the rules present here. The user is not authorised to transfer any obligations and rights described here to any third party in any way. This Website can prohibit any user from accessing its content without further notice or explanation.

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