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Updated: 05.03.2024

Casinos that accept Pay By Phone are online casinos that allow players to make deposits using their mobile phone bills. Pay By Phone is a convenient and secure payment method that enables players to fund their casino accounts by simply entering their mobile phone number and verifying the transaction via SMS. This payment method is gaining popularity among online casino players due to its ease of use and security.

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Best Irish Pay by Phone Casinos

Biggest bonus €
Most free spins
Fastest payouts
Most slot games
Highest rated
Biggest bonus €
Most free spins
Fastest payouts
Most slot games
Highest rated

Comparison of the Best Pay by Phone Casinos

Best Boku Casino22Bet
Best PayForIt CasinoCasumo
Best Apple Pay Casino888 Casino
Best Samsung Pay CasinoMr.Play

A Very Modern Mobile Payment Method

It started as an experiment by Coca-Cola and Sony Ericsson to sell goods. Currently, it’s one of the most popular payment methods. In the beginning, clients could buy something via SMS, and the amount would be charged on the following phone bill. Boku and PayByMobile are some of the main representatives of this modality.

The service has only gotten better since the rise of mobile app technology in 2010. Thanks to modern mobile phones, users can make real-time banking transactions protected by heavily encrypted pages. The main difference between Boku and more modern options is that Boku’s payments are charged on the phone bill, while the latter work more like e-wallets. Anyway, this method is rarely accepted for withdrawals.

Check below some of the leading companies offering this service.


It’s one of the oldest mobile payment methods in the market, and it’s still one of the most popular. Plus, it’s still very easy to find a pay by mobile phone casino, although there are more modern options out there already. Boku works in over 60 countries and on hundreds of mobile networks.

Typically, this kind of payment must follow tighter caps for deposits. So, it’s great for players that don’t want to lose track of their gambling habits. Besides, there’s no need for having money in hand: the bill only comes in the next month. Boku imposes a tight daily limit for deposits, though: only GBP 30.


PayForIt works very similarly to Boku in many ways, although it’s available in fewer countries. It’s widely popular in the UK. Additionally, this service is also available in Canada, with expansion plans for Australia and New Zealand.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay works exclusively on Apple’s devices, of course. The platform counts on multiple identification steps for security, like randomly generated PINs, security codes, Face IDs and others. Every transaction is anonymous here since this app doesn’t keep track of them. However, it has limitations even among Apple devices: it only works on iPad 2 and iPhone 6 or above.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay rivals Apple Pay and Android Pay (Google Pay) in almost every aspect. It’s a smart wallet for online payments. Still, it differs from Apple Pay because it doesn’t run only on Samsungs; it’s also compatible with Android devices.

Apple Pay
Apple Pay
Offered by 12 Casinos
Offered by 2 Casinos

Pay by Phone in Mobile Casinos

Pay in mobile Casinos

The ongoing mobile revolution is significantly transforming the gaming industry, particularly the casino sector. The surge in mobile casinos can be attributed to the growing popularity of smartphones and their widespread availability in Ireland.

The smooth incorporation of mobile payment options in these casinos is a crucial factor fueling their quick acceptance. Deposits and withdrawals can be easily made using pay-by-phone services, enhancing convenience. Streamlining the process, eliminating the requirement for players to log into different accounts or navigate through various screens.

When you compare mobile casinos with traditional online equivalents, there are some significant advantages to the former.

One of the most compelling aspects of mobile casinos is the convenience and portability they offer. Mobile casinos offer players a new level of freedom, transforming downtime into a thrilling gaming experience. Online gaming has come a long way from the early days when players were chained to their desktop computers.

Is it Safe to Use Pay by Phone in Online Casinos?

Online casino sites are popping up on a daily basis, and regular visitors to these sites are raising concerns regarding the overall safety aspect of gambling online. 

Concerned casino players often worry about the safety of depositing money online using debit cards and credit cards, but these concerns seem to be heightened with the pay-by-mobile service that many casinos in the UK and Ireland are adopting.

Players can conveniently fund their online casino accounts by using their mobile phones to deposit using the Pay-by-Phone method. This option is quite convenient, especially for players located in the UK and Europe.

Pay by mobile stands out as one of the most convenient and secure payment options for online casino enthusiasts. By using this method, players can avoid sharing sensitive banking details with the casino. Transactions are charged to their mobile phone accounts instead, providing a high level of security appreciated by individuals who prioritise their online privacy and financial safety.

Time and Fees of Deposits and Withdrawals via Pay by Phone

Your mobile operator won't charge you for mobile payments at casinos, but certain online casino sites may have a small transaction fee for depositing funds with your phone.

When depositing through pay-by-phone bill casinos, keep in mind there is a daily limit of €30-€40, which is lower than other payment methods.

Deposits to your online casino are instant, and players can withdraw straight to their bank account. Withdrawal times vary from casino to casino, so check before making a deposit.

As long as players follow the on-screen instructions when depositing by mobile phone and enter the code received by SMS, the process is fast and faultless.

By using a mobile casino, you can take advantage of quick transactions that let you deposit funds immediately with no delays. So, you can dive into your favourite games immediately, with no more delays due to sluggish processing.

Boku and Payforit stand out as highly favoured payment methods at online and mobile casinos, enabling players to conveniently make payments from their phone bills or pay-as-you-go credit to their casino accounts.

Pay-by-mobile doesn't incur any additional fees like those players get with credit cards sometimes. The amount deposited is exactly the amount taken from your pay-as-you-go mobile credit or added to your monthly mobile bill.

All pay-by-mobile transactions are clearly shown on your mobile bill so players can see exactly what has been deposited and when.

Pros and Cons of Using Pay by Phone in Online Casinos


One of the best things about playing at a pay by phone casino is how fast the payments are. If you’re playing at a pay by mobile phone casino, you can pay for your deposit only in the month if you’re using a Boku-like payment service. Apps like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay expand the service’s capabilities in terms of amounts and security. Moreover, these methods are completely anonymous.


Pay by phone casino won’t let you withdraw the same you cashed in. That’s a shame, and many players are caught off-guard in this sense. This kind of payment method can also be excluded from certain offers. So, using this payment method without checking T&Cs can result in nasty surprises. The same goes for any pay by mobile phone casino. Moreover, deposit limits tend to be considerably lower than in other options.

Advantages Your deposits will be charged to your phone bill, giving you more time to pay until your next billing cycle unless you have a 'pay-as-you-go' mobile plan - in which case it will be deducted from your balance. Charges appear on your mobile statement discreetly, protecting the casino and transaction details. Players could find the level of anonymity appealing if they want to keep their gambling activities confidential. Daily deposit limits are set lower than those offered by other payment methods, essentially acting as a cap on deposits.
Disadvantages Winnings cannot be transferred directly to your mobile phone account; a bank transfer is required for withdrawals. Players' mobile operators do not charge for mobile payments at casinos. However, some online casino websites may apply a small transaction fee for their pay-by-phone deposit option. When depositing through pay-by-phone-bill casinos, there is a daily limit of £30, which is lower than other payment methods.

How to Make a Deposit By Phone?

Making deposits at a pay by phone casino is a no-brainer. Check the quick guide below.

Step 1

Choose a casino.

Choose pay by phone casino or a pay by mobile phone casino from our top list.

Step 2

Sign up.

Sign up with your personal details such as name, surname, email.

Step 3

Select Pay by Phone.

Choose your payment method in the banking section.

Step 4

Insert your phone number.

Insert your phone number to proceed with the deposit by phone.

Step 5

Set the details for your transaction.

Select the amount you want to deposit in the selected Pay by Phone online casino.

Step 6

Confirm your deposit.

Check whether the amount you entered is the one you intended to deposit and click Confirm. Most casinos will let you go through this process in seconds. However, some others might take a while to clear your payment and personal details.

Bonuses and Promotions at Pay by Phone Casinos

Bonuses for Pay by Phone deposits

Bonus hunters will be happy to learn that this payment method wasn’t left behind. Usually, there’s no difference in terms of bonuses between a pay by phone casino and a regular one. If you choose this payment method, you’ll still be eligible for most bonuses and promotions available.

In some cases, you’ll even find specific bonuses for it. Go to the bonus section of your favourite pay by phone casino, and filter the offers by payment methods. Moreover, always double-check T&Cs for restrictions to your payment method.

Phone Bill vs Phone Credit

There are mainly two kinds of mobile payment. When you pay for your deposits on your phone bill, you don’t need to have cash in your hands. Your deposit counts instantly, and you only have to pay for it on your next phone bill. Some casinos won’t let you make any withdrawals if the phone bill isn’t paid.

Phone credits work pretty differently. Firstly, it requires money upfront since the player needs to buy a virtual card before making a payment. So, players can only make deposits according to their prepaid phone balances. If a player wants to make a new deposit, it’s just to top up the mobile again.

Pay by Phone Alternatives

Offered by 53 Casinos
Offered by 14 Casinos
Offered by 58 Casinos
Offered by 6 Casinos

Facts about Pay By Phone Casinos

Pay by phone casinos are online casinos that allow you to deposit money and play casino games using your phone bill.
You can deposit as little as €10 at a pay by phone casino, and the money will be added to your phone bill at the end of the month.
Pay by phone casinos are very convenient, as you can deposit money and start playing casino games without having to enter any bank details.
The downside of pay by phone casinos is that you can only deposit a limited amount of money each month, and you will not be able to withdraw any winnings.
To find a pay by phone casino, you can either search online or ask your friends for recommendations.
Once you have found a pay by phone casino, you will need to create an account and add your phone number.
Once your account is set up, you can choose from a variety of casino games to play.


Transitioning from online casinos to mobile platforms brought about a range of challenges and opportunities. Dealing with technical issues proved to be a significant challenge. Adapting games for mobile devices required a significant shift in design strategy and sometimes a complete revamp of games to ensure an immersive experience on smaller screens.

Even with the challenges, a number of casinos in Ireland have successfully transitioned to the mobile platform, with PlaySunny Casino and Party Casino emerging as standout illustrations. 

When making mobile phone deposits, there is a daily maximum deposit of €35 to ensure you cannot exceed this limit in a single day. Here's a helpful tip for managing your gambling responsibly: take charge of your spending and monitor your deposits carefully.

A key advantage of using mobile payments is the enhanced security it provides. By making a mobile deposit, you can avoid sharing your card information with the phone deposit casino or any third-party payment processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Every Online Casino Accept Mobile Payment?

Unfortunately, not every casino supports this payment method. Still, you can find endless lists of pay by phone casinos on this website, with the best offers in the market. Always check the banking section of your online casino and the T&Cs before signing up.

Is It Possible to Make Withdrawals With This Method?

Most casinos won’t support withdrawals via this method, although it’s a popular choice for deposits. Cashing out via phone bill would be impossible, so players must choose a different option for withdrawals.

What Happens If One Doesn’t Pay the Phone Bill?

Some casinos may retrieve a player’s credit, in this case. Although casinos process this kind of deposit instantly, the player must honour this deposit in the next bill. Otherwise, the mobile network can notify the casino, which won’t accept such payments from this player until the bill is paid.

What Is the Most Popular Option for This Payment Method?

Boku is still one of the most widely available payment options of this kind. It’s not difficult to find similar companies operating locally, but none would have Boku’s reach. Boku has business in more than 60 countries and works with about 250 mobile networks worldwide.

What is a pay by phone casino?

A pay by phone casino is a casino where you can deposit money using your phone bill. This is a convenient way to deposit money into your casino account without having to use a credit card or bank account. You can also use this method to withdraw winnings from your account.

How do pay by phone casinos work?

Pay by phone casinos are online casinos that allow you to deposit money using your phone bill. This means that you can deposit money into your account without having to use a credit or debit card, or even a bank account. All you need is a phone and an internet connection. To deposit money into your account, you simply need to provide your phone number and the amount you wish to deposit.

Are pay by phone casinos safe?

Yes, pay by phone casinos are safe. You can use your credit or debit card to fund your account and make deposits and withdrawals. The casino will use a secure server to process your transactions, so your personal and financial information will be safe. In addition, the casino will have a privacy policy in place to protect your information.

What are the benefits of playing at a pay by phone casino?

There are many benefits of playing at a pay by phone casino. One of the main benefits is that it is a very convenient way to deposit and withdraw money from your casino account. You can use your phone credit or debit card to do this, which means you don’t have to carry around a lot of cash or worry about losing it. Another benefit of playing at a pay by phone casino is that it is a very safe and secure way to gamble.

What types of games are available at a pay by phone casino?

There are a wide variety of games available at a pay by phone casino. Some of the most popular games include slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and poker. There are also a number of specialty games available, such as keno and bingo. In addition to the wide variety of games available, a pay by phone casino also offers a number of bonuses and promotions. These can include sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses, and VIP programs.

How do I make a deposit at a pay by phone casino?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to make a deposit at a pay by phone casino: 1. Look for a pay by phone casino that offers the type of games you are interested in playing. Make sure to read the terms and conditions to see if there are any fees associated with using this type of deposit method. 2. Register for an account at the pay by phone casino.

How do I withdraw my winnings from a pay by phone casino?

Assuming you have already deposited money into your account and have met the wagering requirements, you should be able to withdraw your winnings from a pay by phone casino by following these steps: 1. Login to your account and go to the ‘Cashier’ or ‘Banking’ page. 2. Select the ‘Withdraw’ option and choose your preferred withdrawal method. 3. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and follow the instructions.

Are there any fees associated with playing at a pay by phone casino?

Yes, there may be some fees associated with playing at a pay by phone casino. However, these fees are typically minimal and will not affect your overall gaming experience. The most common fee you may encounter is a small transaction fee when using your phone to deposit funds into your account. This fee is typically charged by your phone service provider and is not specific to any one casino. In addition, you may also be charged a small fee by the casino itself when making a deposit using your phone.

What types of phone can be used to make payments?

There are many types of phones that can be used to make payments. The most common type is a smartphone, which can be used to make payments through apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Other types of phones that can be used to make payments include feature phones, which typically have limited functionality but can be used to make calls and send text messages, and smartwatches, which can be used to make payments through apps or by NFC.

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